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My Happiest Moment

My Happiest moment with two best friends I know for almost 6 years now... Coincidentally, I am a big fan of Olympus from Day one my desire to own a camera. I am still a loyal fan to Olympus though! Most photos in my blog taken using my Olympus camera. My beloved Olympus helps me to freeze happy and interesting moments and make it last forever.... Now, when I heard Olympus release of two third generation PEN cameras which is Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 and Olympus PEN mini E-PM1. I am more than happy to get hands on this fabulous gadget! What PEN Lite can do for you? * It has high DSLR image quality like other PEN series * 34 art filter which variation make artistic expression.... whoa!!!!! * This is the 1st PEN series with 3.0-inch flip out widescreen LCD monitor and helps you with all those shots you need to take at tricky angles! PEN Mini  : - available in four colour variations.SWEET!!!! - compact lightweight body - weighing only 217 grams - awesome superb imag

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