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My Post PMS Syndrome

I blame it to my post PMS Syndrome. Since yesterday, I am not so motivated to even drive to work in the morning. I am so down. I feel very weak and my positive spirit run away from me. I think my PMS will visit me soon. Faster come so I feel relieve! I feel the same way this morning. So tired and so demotivated. Did my positive angel left me alone??? Di manakah dia pergi??? Kenapa tinggalkan saya seorang diri??? Saya sangat sedih sekarang!!! Seriously, feel like to cry now. My emotion totally sucks now!!! I just can't wait for Saturday morning and I just want to be a cocoon on the bed and lie down without moving for 2 hours. I tried to lie down in my car this morning but doesn't work , in fact my level of positiveness at negative level now and my anger level rise up!!!! I know my psychotic disorder come back. I need to control myself harder. Ah! I thought my constant EPO intake will help to control my hormones. I need to find alternative.

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