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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Whoa!!!! So long for me to update final episode for my Bagan Trip... Busy very busy.... So no joke!!! I am totally focus on my work in office. Oh! well for this final episode on my Bagan a day trip to Mount Popa. A last minute arrangement before my evening flight back to Yangon and fly back to Malaysia the next day. Well a trip to Mount Popa took me at least one and half hour journey by car. Open my eyes to the wonderful layback daily life of people in Bagan. Mount Popa is a volcano which errupted quite sometimes ago... and from big mount popa it splitted into another one small mount popa. So they have big mount popa and small mount popa. Small mount popa has beautiful pagoda built on top of it. Big mount popa has beautiful resort built bought over by one well known rich myanmar tycoon name Tay Za. Even my rich myanmar boss also unable to own a resort like that.     pack pack pack     mini transportation   stop at one of the s

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