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Yeay! today is my final class. I have done my presentation slides and now just need to REHEARSE REHEARSE AGAIN AND AGAIN for 23 April 2014 presentation. My public speaking is so 'damn terror' so need to work harder le. Guess what? My super solid not so loyal netbook battery sadly announced died last night. WTH! More money to spend for new battery. Hopefully less than RM100. Just now met my ex boss for lunch. He called me out to see if both of us could work together again. Just for lunch...why not? He is my great 'SIFU' after all! He choose Nando's and I am not chicken so healthily...salad! Whoa!!!! I am so bloody healthy today? Early morning drink fruits and veggies juice and then half of sweet pears. Lunch salad...dinner???? muaahahahahahaha... I whack 'nasi lemak'with sunny top egg.WTH!!!! kekekekekeke...blame myself for not losing weight...I am so evil to myself today. Talk about my ex Boss...he is still

Where are all the Money

Newspaper this morning reported government are relying on collections from recent traffic summon settlement. mmmm... comment too much will be subjected to either house arrest or ISA detention. Happy collections then! :) Keep my mouth shut and leave the world to think in silence.... I was driving to work this morning and my mind can't focus on my driving but instead keep thinking on what to eat for breakfast. I feel wanna eat nasi lemak but too sinful. But end up eating nasi lemak for my breakfast and now feeling very heavy and lousy. My desk full of unfinished business and when open up email box end up with too many emails asking for nonsense and no sense that I can't answer anymore. Not that I don't know how to answer but I am out of ideas to tai chi kekekekeke.... end up keep silence. My mind also thinking why is it only Mar? Why no Sep? Please tell me when Sep comes.....wake me up on Sep month. What am I doing before that? I am asleep... and will not wake up until Sep. H


Reached home very late on Friday night. Attended this Malaysian Media Awards 2009 at Shangri La. Anyway, Shangri La again??? Never!!! The quality of food sucks!!! not like before...even the service not like 5 star. I don't fancy going to all this function. But since this is part of my job.. gotta go meaning gotta go eventhough you are freaking tired. You have to put up you drama smile to everybody. Ah! so freaking fake!!! Have to put up a smiling face eventhough the person beside you have a very heavy liqour smell on his breathe ... Yeah ! Guiness the main sponsor.. damn!!! hate it when I am sober and the rest almost unconscious! Pepole shouting screaming yelling of happiness ... is it true or just because they are freaking drunk! I don't know!!! I am glad when things ended yeah the winning team will stay on and party till the dawn.. Me? what the heck to wait until dawn if I can get myself outta here... Drag myself to drive all the way back right after the function.As usual I

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