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New Leaf

I've bext been waiting for this day ..... I've been waiting to see his face when I said I am walking out! I've been waiting to see him feel helpless when I am out of his life. I am glad the day has comes.. It is not I want to enjoy other people sadness but I think he deserve to feel the sorrow he brings to others... Although I am myself nervous on my next stop but I still have to move on. Continue my life journey until the God say its time to stop! I am afraid to step out from this shell and see the outside world. I am afraid my new me will damage my soul. But I have to for the sake of climbing up to the top ladder. Hopefully I can see myself as one of those corporate leader one day! My first trip to China (Shanghai) open up my eyes to the fast moving country. People are competitive and make used of whatever resources in front of them which is unlike our country here. I am amaze with their competitiveness. If I have chance to visit this place again it will be my great pleas

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