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I just realise I am developing into a Crowd Phobia symptom at this age. Crowd Phobia is also known as Demophobia , Enochiophobia or most commonly crowd makes one person feel anxious with thought of getting lost in a crowd. The other day, I went for a meeting at KLCC. It was a school holiday the place was damn crowded at 1:30pm....ah lunch rush hours too. The feeling of almost got black out after seeing to many people ...really make me panic. I feel fear....I feel lost!!! Especially , I am alone and feel totally out of place and hell don't really know where to go. I end up late...because I am trying my best to go through the crowd condition was like in the movie I watched. Serious...the whole body feel hot especially my head...feel like exploding soon. My chest was like going to pop out! I am researching on how to combat this new non healthy development within myself. Ah!!!! why on earth I am suddenly this???? Happy Monday everyone!!!

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