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Last year fasting month my crazy focus on online shopping! This year since I am saving money to do tooth implant so I keep straining my eyes to watch korean dramas....eheh.. My Eye Lasik funds need to be refunded.... huh! suddenly emergency came up and need this fund to rescue somebody's life...... good cause! Why not??? I still can see right???? Somebody life is more important! After lasik need to do some other .....Oh! can I say overhaul???? hahahaha..something like that! When you get older many things....need repairing! Owh! This week drama is Gentleman Dignity...mmmmm ... I can say this is like korean men version of 'sex in the city'. No joke! every episode keep reminding me of 'sex in the city' series. mmmm... all heroes totally 'Ajussi' not my type and not that good looking....oh well...what do I expect if all of them is in 40s years gentlemen . I just wish they are late 20s or 30s....more my type....Ohoh...Flower Boy??? better!!!!! Bu

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