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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Pre Xmas 2009

Last 2 weeks been a madness week for me. Classes, assignments,works, deadlines and more and more. I was very stressed. Xmas & New Year this year is not that happening and what I am waiting for like previous years. I just hope 2009 never end. When its end , I am afraid to face 2010. I am afraid to face what coming for me. I dont know what to expect. I believe I worked hard these 3 years. Although, I can feel my life change from 15 years ago but I am still lack of something. I need a life. Life like a normal people do. Not just about working only. Coming week will be another stressful weeks for me . Yes this will only end after Jan 2010. So my life from now on till then will be up side down and stressful one! I almost skip my usual Xmas Dinner with Big B , Lil J and Pretty Xiao Mei. I will find room to meet them although I feel hard to breathe with my tight schedule. I will still find time to go back home to spend time with the old ones! Although right now I feel betrayed by their be

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