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My last sis just came back from Korea last month.... That woman enjoy so much travelling around seoul and jeju..WTH!!!   hohohoho... like I never done that....hehehehe except for jejudo le.... next wait for me.... after my foot treatment end of this year....if God give me strength to explore Jeju and Busan...I will come to you....WTH!!!!!   Baby sis... bought me this...lovely!!!! I will use this well.... the lemon essense used it long time ago...kekekeke   my other sis....bought me this during our family trip to cameron highlands...awesome....cute fat tiger!!! just like me...muahahaha   my baby sis...bought me this cute phone strap... awesome fierce tiger...SPARTA!!!! like kookie Ah!!!! I forgot to take photo on the back...awesome that fella gotten my name spell too!!!!   Lovely thoughtful gift from lovely awesome sistassssss!!!!


Am I the only one??? I can feel it.. Money is getting smaller. Right after election... postal rates increased drastically...since I am online business I am feeling this pinch...with lower margin only hope that the currency is getting better...yeah my hope is hopeless now...getting worst...aish!!! Then I went to shop for my grocerries...ouccchhh... the price of my favourite tuna in can is like RM5.20 when before election it cost me at least RM0.30 - RM0.40 cheaper. incident or well planned...well...I don't know. I am not the leader of this country. I am just a 'kici meow meow' contributor for this country. In this country the middle income earner like me... ' they' squeeze us to dry. How much will my EPF money worth when I reach 55 years old. Is it enough to cover my cost of leaving before God call me??? My savings...can I still earn 6% interest??? mmmmm...i foresee i will end up paying the bank instead of earning interest


What is your favourite color??? Mine is Purple! But I found out most of item I bought is black and gray...mmmmmm... as usual I don't really understand myself.   I found this somewhere...sharing is caring :)  


Good morning!!! Today manage to wake up early rolling rolling on the bed. I have many chores waiting...OMMMAAAA!!! Ima so lazy! But no choice!!! I need to clean my 'nest'.hehehe..     Last few days the God is very 'piss off' or is God 'sad'? Either one or both , I guess... Raining like 'dog and cat'. Driver like me find it difficult to reach home when its raining. These days ,I feel driving to work and back home is like total challenge to me.   OK ...everyone who live in Malaysia how terrible the traffic jam is....   When its raining...oh..please... whatelse to tell...the car like not moving. Everyone turn into psycho on the road.     I need to go through one toll...from and to my office. One night , its raining heavily. I brave myself driving through the storm and the heavy rain. Reaching the toll...OMO!!!!!! Where is Smart tag line???? The line was like all over the place and totally 'h


Good morning! Enjoying cup of Italian Roast from Starbucks! Totally love this black coffee. Anyway this is much better than 3 in 1 which are sweet and taste like sugar water to me. Huhuhuhuh.... this Princess starting to be big headed and bring her taste to another level. isk isk isk... Fine...this morning my entry is about whatever come through my mind. So no structured post ok. My post will be all over the place....hhahahahaha normal because my mind a bit hair wired these few weeks. I will be  away to Yangon next week. For what? I will be doing some recruitment for new set up there.Damn! I hate this the most.meeting and talking to people...most important listen...I am not a good listener though....I can easily get bored when people start talking to me. Do I like to talk....not really....I just like to observe....sounds very passive in person huh!!! My Hanoi post....still 'unfinished business'...I still have 2 more entries to go. Upload photo but thought o

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