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It is Friday!!! I am suppose to be happy because tomorrow I don't have to drive all the way to KL office. But...hor...I am sick!!! Bad cough! itchy bitchy throat! my voice like 'shemale'...muahahahaha... I dare not talk... I went clinic...and in photo as you can see that is my tidbits for this weekend..... huhuhuh.. I just downloaded cardio exercise for this weekend It is difficult for me to jump like monkey and do the crunch like scorpions with this cough! Haisshhh!!! ruin my whole exercise plan... My weekend seems to be bleaked!!!! huhuhuhuh... What should I do???? Since early this year 2013 I was cough...just recover few weeks ago..and now its baccckkkk!!!! So??? am I suppose to be sick every month this year??? So terrifying moment!!!! Happy Marvellous Weekend everyone!!!!

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