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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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Surpriseeee!!!!! When you read this post....I am happily exploring Angkor Wat....kekekeke... Travel again huh??? I am so rich??? Nope!!!! This is through hard worked and hard earned and after going through lots of sacrifice!!! If I die tomorrow my retirement cash will be to the next I have now I could at least enjoy it ...right???? I am 6 ft below the ground lying dead...and my next kin will be at least half million richer!!! They are well taken care off....if they spend it wisely!!! WTH!!!! You don't have to go Europe or what so ever....just choose the cheap Asian country would be enough... If you got extra you could go to other develop not until that far yet!!! Too expensive for me...but I wish I could reach there one day!!! Don't stretch your pocket for the expensive...go travel to place you can afford and don't hesitate to treat yourself with trips.... You work hard to earn that money and all you could do is at l


      Happy Monday everyone!!! How to start this Monday post,huh? mmmm... my Lee Min Ho is my current muse and Cindy Crawford is my previous muse.   Last night , Chinggu called and said this to me....   Chinggu : Cindy! you know what???? I look at my previous...I mean photo when I was 24 years ago...huh...I look like Lee Min Ho!   Me : Wei!!! lei siaw ar lei!!!! Min Ho your head!!! How can you make my Lee min Ho look so bad by comparing to you?   Chinggu : Serious!!!! now I wonder when I was at school arrr.... many girls will wait outside the gate at my school there....they are waiting for me!!!!   Me : Duh!!!wake up!!!! wake up from your sweet me the proof you look like Lee Min Ho...24 years ago...I will go after you too....hehehehe   Chinggu : Cannot ar...the photo so blur edi!!!   Me : Ceh!!! confirmed liar!!! My Lee Min Ho cannot be compare to anybody la....   Chinggu : Aiya!!! when your Lee Min H

Seoul : Squirrel Nami Style

Early Monday morning , took a long subway ride then took 5 minutes cab ride to Namiseon Ferry Terminal... I finally reached at the famous Nami Island. I never watch Winter Sonata but I heard the drama make this Island Super famous. Serious ...many people here..... I think if I come here maybe ...2 - 3 weeks earlier the scene would be even nicer. Now is fall season and going to winter cold. Don't know how many hot coffee I drank just to keep my body warm. mmmm..I wore long john plus 3 more layers of clothing...damn still chilling.... That clothing really make me look super fat!!!! (not admitting I am fat....muahahahaha) This is the shape of the Island... The famous actors and actresses in Winter Sonata Serious... this statue so famous and very difficult to just snap a photo without people clinging on this statue....see see hand there.... mmmmmm... me try my best to focus on that status without include that g

Happy Together

    Min Zhi soooo happy when I told her both of us going for vacation finally... We both pack up our luggage last night... Ready!!! set goooooooo.... to fly tonight!!! Good bye Malaysia... Both Min Zhi and me off to feel  and get freeze with the 'siberian cold air' together... Watched latest episode of Running Man and notice the weather was freaking cold there. The actors and actresses was wearing that 'ninja turtle' jacket like the one I saw at Uniqlo. I didn't buy any since to me it look ugly and I regret this.huhuhuhuh... Since yesterday, my cheek is hot and swollen a bit. Fever doctor said....mmmmm...when I am about to explore Seoul in this kind of cold weather??? Ahhhh..fever ...why come now???? bbbbbbrrrrrrrr....gggrrrrrr... Anyeonghasaeyo Goryeo and Kraze Burger!!!! We both going to eat kimchi tomorrow and get the feel of 'Goryeo and Joseon era! Stay tune and don't forget to subscribe to my blog to receive latest update on my jou


  this is from google search photo   My weirdest dream ever!!!!   I can't even toast my bread without making it black in color like a charcoal and here my weirdest dream ever.... I bake blueberry cake and it look like that! exactly like that in the picture and everybody praising it was moist and delicious! Do you know who praise my blueberry cake, the most? Tun Dr Mahathir! huh??? why on earth Tun dr Mahathir in my dream eating my blueberry cake?   huh! this is insane!!! totally insane! I need to quickly wake up..... This is my last 2 weeks Sunday dream...WICKED!!!!   Happy Monday Blues everyone!!!! 


Craziest dream I ever had!!!!! I am young 21 years old travelling to Paris. Then while wondering around in Paris, this famous photographer spotted me and offer me a contract of EURO1 million.... Damn! I must be HOT young girl....too bad can't really see my hot looking beauty... Added to that money making contract.... that famous photographer fall in love with me and end up I became his girl.... That photographer is 46 year old man.... OMO! now I end up having affair with old man.... Then I heard my Big Bang ring tone.... Chinggu : " You still rolling on the bed ar? " Me : " Haishhhhh!!!! you spoil my dream la woi! " Chinggu : " What is your dream?" Me : " I am about to get married to one old man and making millions of money.....spoil la you!!! " Chinggu : " You know what time is it now or not???? " Me : "Still early la! " Chinggu : " Early your ass!!!! 1:25pm!!!! what you still doing rolling like '

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