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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Omo! since I exercise like 'mad dog' and diet like 'horny cat'.... I am addicted to shop for more and more and more clothings. Mad dog? Horny cat? mind my language!!! Oppppssss!!!! I just wrote in whatever came to my don't mind me just read further...k? Shopping??? Yeah! totally crazy over fashion...which I mean korean fashion style. Am I fashionable??? Hell no! Just like one...though! whatever, huh??? As long as I  am happy...  mmmmm.... korean fashion mean I need to have body like them... Oh! well.... at this age with this metabolism rate.... take me ages to reach my goal!!!! I ran 15 minutes...feel like 15 hours...OMO!!! serious!!! I sweat a lot for 15 minutes and I think ...Oh yeah! my fat melted ledi... So I stop...because if I run further then not my fat melt but my meat then my bones least I have 'bimbo theory' there... So called determination to loose weight I have wo

Korean Sweet Color Top

I was doing some online shopping for sweet looking top and here goes I found this website called They sell mainly korean clothing celebrity fashion inspire... Tempted to wear one of these top three of my choice.... Which one do you think suits me better???? Option 1 - Orange with colorful pattern??? Option 2 - Pink with colorful dots??? Option 3 - Dark Blue with colorful flower??? Which one???? Take all three???? hehehehe wink wink 

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