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One must remember, when you visit Siem Reap you need to be prepared to visit temples and temples and temples again. Just like Bagan,Myanmar in Siem Reap if you don't need to spend too many days to do your day trips. 2 to 3 days is fine to visit all those major temples. Suggested itinerary for day 1 : In the morning take the small tour to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom , Bayon,Victory Gate, Thommanom, Chau Say Thevoda, Ta Keo, Ta Phrom, Banteay Kdei, Sras Srang, Prasat Khavan and finish it with Sunset at Phnom Bakheng - normally tuk tuk price is between USD13 - 15. Some charged you up to USD20. Not higher than that price. My itinerary for day 1 : In the morning take small tour to South gate Angkor Thom then visited Central angkor Thom ( Bayon , Phimeanakas , Terrace of the Elephants , Terrace of the Leper King ), Prasat Kavan , Banteay Kdei . Go back hotel for shower....very very hot...don't think I can continue without freshing up first. Then continue my tour in


  Here come the famous red bridge. They are in the midst of touching up the paint when I was there.    There you go my 'best shot' of famous Hoan Kiem Lake aka West Lake of Hanoi. do you know this famous lake also has this legend of Golden Giant Turtle? this related to the legend of the returned sword aka excalibur , King Arthur version of Hanoi. This Ho Hoan Kiem meaning ' Lake of the Returned Sword'.   I want to write about that legend....but....I am so lazy mode right just google it and read that wiki version, okay!   I want to try grilled corn in Hanoi but hey on the way walking back to Hotel from the lake saw this lady selling grilled corn.... See lor.... how they sell grilled corn in Hanoi.... You want to buy or not???? If you were me at that time???? Am I this adventurous to eat this grilled corn????   Grilled  corn on the floor everyone..... and seriously this is really 'street food'!!!!


  This unique one pillar pagoda is just walking distance from Uncle Ho Mausoleum. Here comes the story of the one pillar pagoda... The King had a vision of Budha sitting on a lotus flower and promising him a boy. Yeah yeah...King got no child yo! He then built this pagoda sitting on a pond like a giant flower on its tall stem! Inside that one little pagoda is????? Whatelse???? Buddha statue for people to worship. Many local came to worship for baby here!     viet snack counter...everyone???? in that big jar is MANGO!!! Did I try that??? Hell !!! NO!!!


My second day in Hanoi still long wor!!! Coming to end of the second day trip, last place...of course la you joined tour..sure got shopping one. I hate this the most.. Taiwanese couple who is with my group love this so much....     silk worm   silk worm wine...anyone???   the cocoon...   i thought this is one of the house deco or something ...but this is cocoon...yellow??? I saw white color in Beijing...   daring la this woman...she touch the cocoon and start to pull the thread dare not touch!! I am scared of this thing!!!   The machine...   silk in the making..   walah!!!! silk garment anyone???   That Taiwan uncle and auntie after shop after shop... I tired la... That Taiwan uncle want to find silk jacket and that Taiwan Auntie want one silk leh??? me??? I bought one silk scarf for USD10/-...hehehehe pink color some more...muahahaha me ar trying

HANOI - Ancient Village Day Trip

My first day trip in Hanoi is a visit to Duong Lam Ancient Village. I hate day trip by the way. I prefer walk on my own freely explore the place. No choice, Hanoi don't have the infrastructure like Seoul or Beijing.     Rise and my french style buffet breakfast place   anxiously waiting for my tour leader to come pick me up at 8am. It was a small group. Me and another senior citizen couple from Taiwan. They are so loving couple by the way.   on the way ...this is my first sight of Hanoi City...OMO!!!! so dirty ar??? Aiyo!!! I have too high expectation for a developing country like Vietnam.   people busy eating breakfast. our place have 'mamak style' coffee Just sit on that lowered kindergarden style stool and they can just enjoy their breakfast there... mmmmm.... how am I going to adapt to this culture???? worryyyyyyy!!!!   everywhere about motor motor headache seeing them

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