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Dear Diary, Early this week, I am so blur! I drove to work Monday morning...when I was at Fraser roundabout suddenly I heard 'BANG!!!' then my car was shaking...then I realise some 'ARSEHOLE' just bang my car!!! The blur me... can't even notice who bang my butt!!! I end up driving all the way to work while my mind keep thinking... please please please don't make the damage that bad. If not ... I have to start thinking to buy another car...isk isk isk... this mean trouble to my bank accounts. For the person who just bang me and 'cabut lari'...GOD BLESS' you SEVERELY and I totally know and put my 100% faith to my GOD. GOD always fair to me lately. For this bang... I treat this as my debts payment for my past wrong doings!!!! Stay positive!!!1 Reached office....duk dak duk dak... try my best to stay calm to have a peep to my car 'ARSE'.... black mark and deep cut here and there and the dent too. Can't help it...start


I was strolling near Changdeokgung Palace...trying my best to find way to enter Secret Garden. Seriously...I almost lost my way to the GPS!!!1 To enter this Secret Garden need to be guided by designated tour guide. There are English and Korean version. 2pm Korean version and 3pm English version. I was lining up like the rest to enter because I thought it was 3pm. Blurrrrrrrr meeeeee.... my watch at Malaysian time when I am in Seoul....aissshhhhh... I was fascinated with this Hanbok girlsssssss.... so I end up following the group. Damn!!!! The tour guide started &#@!*&%$ #... Damn! I don't even understand korean...and guess what???? I am the only foreigner who join the tour. Lucky I have brochure in English...if not I don't even know why I am wondering in the woods there... Enjoy the Korean Beauty everybody!!!! Seriously...the real scene is beautiful because of this girlssss wearing their traditional costume.... Sorry


I do not know what to buy for my parent in Seoul. My last day of strolling in Seoul....I found this Ajussi selling this...pillow.   So I end up carry all the way from Seoul back to Malaysia....2 of this pillows. Heavy wor!!!!!!    This Korean pillows filled with buckwheat husks.  I think this will be totally unique gift  for my parent.   I heard buckwheat is widely used by Korean in ancient time and even now as a therapeutic grain.   Therapeutic Benefits - The unique shape of the buckwheat hull allows air circulation and helps maintain your normal body temperature. Also, these pillows provide the optimal alignment for your neck which eases the pressure on your spine, while conventional pillow fills cause neck and shoulder pains in the morning. Sleep Better - The buckwheat hulls weight-absorbing structure conforms to the contours of your face and head thus reducing the pressure on your body for maximum comfort.  


I still writing about Seoul!!! I will conclude this trip by this week.     After my lunch at Hyundai Mall, I went to Chungmuro Station to visit Namsangol Hanok Village.   This place where you can see all those traditional Korea Village. There are five restored traditional korean houses all together. All these house is belong to various social class people during Joseon Dynasty.     old type kitchen ...everyone!!!!   bedroom??? study room??/ forget wor!!!!   kitchen chimney??? maybe?    floor keep them warm during winter time! view from outside    omo!!! love the leaves colour!!!   view from the outside   What ball is this??? When I was a Hyundai Mall, I saw so many people I decided to join the line. Then one lady join the line behind me and ask what am I lining up for??? I told her I don't know...maybe buying that thing? She ask me what is that thing? I tol


For the sake of keeping record, I still wanna write about Seoul. I went to N Seoul Tower by taking subway than took free shuttle bus to N Tower. The view was!!! i am over the top again...WTH! Oh well since I am one 'skillful' the view I uploaded here may not as what I need to go there to see in real..muahahahaha...         So many key chains hanging here....yeah...those Seoul mushy mashy lovey dovey...they do such thing..WTH!   Serious....the weather was freaking cold....especially for me. My nose like bleeding... Can't really drink coffee since its at decided to try this funny latte...yeah...only in Seoul I tried all this sort of latte...I tried 'goguma (sweet potato) latte' too in one of the cafe there... and now I want to try....   pumpkin latte....taste ok la... like drinking porridge from paper cup

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