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Shanghai the various

My dreams is to visit China. If possible I would love to full fill my dream to travel through Silk Road of China to visit the historical road. Early April this year, opportunity knock in and I visited Shanghai. Happy happy.. It was a bitter and sweet journey for me. I would love to visit Shanghai again. Here are some snapshot on my happy moment journey at Shanghai - Hanzhou - Shanghai. Next post will show the beautiful sceneries captured during the trip...:) Taking MRT to Pudong Airport - 300km and damn fast!!! Someone admire me from the back... this guy have been following me through out the trip huhuhuh... Ah... cute pose!!! That boy is eating and that kuai lo is bitching about me and the worst thing the man sat beside me... ah tow yen!!! When you are famous.... everywhere you go...ahahaha At Pudong aiport on the way back!!! Cheeky time!!! on the bus enjoying the ride... full stomach with my Maggie cup!!! Uwek uwek... sea sick!!! I just want to go home... I miss nasi lemak i mis

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