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Sick Weekend

I am officially sick. Sore throat, flue and cough.... complete package. I believe I got it since Friday night! I am suppose to finalise my own accounts but end worst sick on Sunday. Ah! hope I still have my voice for recruitment week starting tomorrow. I am seeing at least 5 candidates in a day until Friday. I don't know how I am going to do this but I have to. I need ore people to work for me or I am doom. How is my mood swing??? My PMS dried up early, well maybe will end up menapouse early then. I am still in upset mood although I am pretending to look ok but in my heart is not ok. Saturday morning as I mentioned, I wanted to be a cocoon. Yeah! did it for almost 2 hours then be a spring rolls rolling from south to west on my bed. I feel great!!! But still I feel like don't want to do anything at all.... Then my phone rang!!!! Ah!!!! a friend asked me to go out!!! Prince of Persia??? Maybe he know I have been in bad mood for almost a week. Trying to cheer me up by asking me ou

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