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'Sorry' The Hardest Word?

Why is it too difficult for some people to express their apology? ' Sorry ' , with just a simple word utter from your mouth was not enough. 'Sorry' must come with sincerity from bottom of your heart and you really mean it! EXPRESS REGRET Apologising with a smiles on your face may make an angry person more irate. MAKE RESTITUTION If a person disatisfied with your work or whatsoever, try to make restitution. when you make that,be prepared to change the way things are done. REPENT Repent genuinely which means you are truly sorry! You need to make commitment not to repeat the same mistake again. ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY Admit you were wrong and you are regret to make that mistake. People will appreciate your braveness to face your own wrong doing. REQUEST FORGIVENESS When people hurt by your behaviour or mistake, the next thing you have to is to seek forgiveness. With the points that I highlighted above, one thing I can say... We are all just a human. We are different individu

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