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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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3 Causes of Forgetfulness and Solutions with TAG La™

When you bluntly announce that you forget something...the first response you receive will be??? You so old one, meh??? Often forgetfulness is associated with ageing. But to me, forgetfulness happens to any of us whether you are young or old. What Cause Forgetfulness ? 1. Lack of Sleep 2. Stress and Anxiety 3. Depression Forgetfulness Solution 1. Keep your body active with regular exercise and try to get enough sleep 2. Watch your diet and keep balance nutrition 3. Invest on Technology for speedy solution of your forgetfulness.  Recently, this mini square thingy call TAG La™ reached me.  How this lil things can be a solution to forgetfulness habit of us? I normally bad in trying out device. But TAG La™ is pretty much easy to start with. TAG La comes in 6 choice of colors - Black , Red, Yellow, Green , Blue and White. My TAG La came in yellow color. My first impression of TAG La is the sleek convenient design with key-chain holder for conve

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