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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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Woke up in the morning on the second day of Hari Raya... Driving my parent and sisters around to find breakfast since I insist my mum shouldn't be busy cooking in the kitchen during Raya. Of course my mum not so happy because she can't do her passionate job...housewife! OK...let us try to find that noodle shop near Maxwell hill... Oh! its closed! Like what my sister said...people also want to Raya la... Then my next destination is Old Town...on the way there..we stop at our secondary school...     My secondary school...TMGS    SMK (P) Treacher Methodist...ambassador Ninja TMGS  Old Town White Coffee for me Garlic toast bread for Dad   Housewife aka Mum eat this 'Nasi Lemak Sotong'   I am back to KL the next day since I start working on Wednesday... 


Today I will heading down to Kota Damansara in the morning for my gum stitches to be take out! Scary! Good luck to me for expecting worst traffic ever! Yeah! most Malaysian will be congesting to highway heading to respective home town for vacation and also for festive celebration with family. Oppsss! don't forget airport, railway station and port as well...human will be like ants over there. Me will always go through odd hours just to avoid this congestion. So...let them go first! I have few important things to do my side here too : - Car tire inspection for long journey (maybe this Fri / Sat) - Car door knob need to be fixed. I broke it angry so I wacked my own car...poor car. (maybe this Fri / Sat) - Bring my car for shower too....poor car not taken any bath for almost 4 months now. Happy holiday everybody!!!!! Selamat Hari Raya too!!

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