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To be beautiful is a sin

Every woman dreams to be beautiful. Same goes to yours truly ehehehe... I will do anything to look gorgeous. Call me a freak call me crazy. Most people will come out with this saying ' beauty from within'... Well from my observation on people behaviour and perception towards beauty is totally not what like most people saying which is 'beauty from within'. Most of us tend to judge from ones outter look. Yeah! imagine you are approach by one young lady she is dark brown features say big nose ,thick lips and big round eyes, she is short and fat but she is neat in her dressing. She is soft spoken and polite. Same time you also approach by another young lady she is gorgeous everything about her is perfect except for her snobbish attitude. Another young lady superb beautiful and she is polite and well manner. If you are the one do you think you will choose the 3rd woman and follow with the 1st woman? Well , I can conclude 'beauty from within' is good but beauty inside

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