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Good morning!!! Today manage to wake up early rolling rolling on the bed. I have many chores waiting...OMMMAAAA!!! Ima so lazy! But no choice!!! I need to clean my 'nest'.hehehe..     Last few days the God is very 'piss off' or is God 'sad'? Either one or both , I guess... Raining like 'dog and cat'. Driver like me find it difficult to reach home when its raining. These days ,I feel driving to work and back home is like total challenge to me.   OK ...everyone who live in Malaysia how terrible the traffic jam is....   When its raining...oh..please... whatelse to tell...the car like not moving. Everyone turn into psycho on the road.     I need to go through one toll...from and to my office. One night , its raining heavily. I brave myself driving through the storm and the heavy rain. Reaching the toll...OMO!!!!!! Where is Smart tag line???? The line was like all over the place and totally 'h

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