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Traffic Light incident

I had heard about this story via email forwarded to me , newspaper and even from friends. I never expect same incident will happen to me. Just now around 8.00pm I was on the way back from Amcorp Mall and I had to stop at Traffic Light (of course due to red light) to turn towards Federal Highway. Open my favourite peanut butter waffle (my dinner). I took a bite and mmmm so delicious.. Then I saw one mid 40's thin man standing beside one Toyota Prado 2 cars ahead me but on the other lane. I thought that man was selling 'Mapiau' you know that gambling stuff or something. So I just don't bother and my mind as usual thinking of something like why this man gamble his life walking in the middle of busy traffic like that or something. Then I saw this man walking towards my direction. Thought of another 'gamble stuff' pitching or something. Then the man stop beside me and trying to force open my car door at the same time knocking hard on my window. I heard he was screami

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