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Maxwell Hills

My first time visit to Maxwell Hill. Just because I heard they have tulips up there. Half an hour journey climbing up the hill with Jeep. I spent 2 hours searching for tulips. After almost 2 hours then finally asked the driver who are waiting to drive us down later. Oh! what the heck!!!! He told us no more tulips since 4 years ago....OMO!!! That long????? when people called me a Thai Girl even in a place I grew up... oh!!! what the heck!!!!

Heading North

Quite long time, I didn't drive back to North alone. I guess almost 3 years. This Friday I will be driving back alone for the 1st time. I normally car pooling with my Sis since my car is old junk and quite dangerous to travel that far. But now since she got married and I bought new wheel and also expecting busy for next 2 month, I just grab the chance to pay a visit to my old folk. Yeah! owe them due to last Raya end up only one night due to unexpect tragedy. How I feel right now?? Nervous actually because I am afraid I will get lost. I always have bad sense in term of direction. Remember when 1st time bought my car and suppose to drive back for Raya for the 1st time. I told my mum I will be starting my journey at 5.30am and by 9.30am I am still in KL trying to find way to get into the NSE. Yeah! that bad. My full tank petrol need to refill due to too many rounding. Make thing worst its Fasting month! I am so panic like mad and almost give up. Early morning call whoever I can just

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