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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Painful Weekend Coming

Yeah! baby.... its Friday Friday Friday.... My left arm hurt like crazy. I need to visit Wah Toh Tit Tar. Hope could help or at least can heal this pain. Don't asked me how my arm can come to this pain. I can't remember but it has been 3 weeks and from normal pain to abnormal pain. Now I can feel even my neck and my right arm infected with the pain. Every movement with cracking sound. Kluk Klak Kluk Klak Whatever pain ... I still want to enjoy my weekend. The lion in the office is well behaved this week. I need to extra careful. Anyway , just wait till next week he may show his real face. Finally this week the PA show up. Looking at her as if she is going for Project Runaway show. 3 inches sharp heels, Fashion sense consider a bit disaster with neon color pattern leggings and velvet dress, her foundation and powder almost as thick as her heels and she is the fairest among all like a snow white, she is talking with the high pitch tone and she gives you screechi

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