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Signs Your Skin Needs Vitamin C

  You have been loyal to the current skincare routine blindly if you see these signs on your skin : 💦 Age spots and brown start to appear 💦 Acne marks haven't gone away 💦 Melasma and redness is coming up 💦 Dull skin 💦 Uneven skin tone Ladies wake up! These are the obvious signs you need to include Vitamin C skincare in the routine. Yup! you read it right! Vitamin C. Vitamin C isn't just important for body and health wellbeing. It is fairly important for skincare too. Vitamin C helps to disturb the cells that create the pigment and with this, it will fade or lighten the dark spots and also prevent new ones from forming. Not easy to make your current pigmentation or hyperpigmentation disappear overnight unless you spend thousands for some laser treatment. Vitamin C as I mentioned earlier could lighten up the existing pigmentation and prevent the new one from developing. The question is ...which Vitamin C skincare? Too many and hard to tell the best for your skin. I have trie

BiO-LiFE Empowers Mega Living With The Power Of 'C'

WHAT MAKES A SUPERHERO? Is it someone who is super strong, healthy and with enviable muscles? Far from it. It's the everyday champion who braves daily traffic for an even busier working day ahead. It's the hardworking mum and dad who pursue better lives for their kids. It's those who actively pursue goals on the go. A " superhero" lives in all of us and mega living as such deserves the power of "C' for healthier lives! I guess even the Avengers need a daily dose of Vitamin C too . The question is, how many oranges do you eat or squeeze to drink to ensure a healthy dose of vitamin C every day? Refreshingly delicious, it's hard to refuse a glass of orange juice to kickstart a busy "relentless" day. Seriously, how many "superheroes" like us even have the time to squeeze oranges as we dash out the door each day or even think about the nutrients it provides to keep us on the go? Since our body does not produce vitamin

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