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What is family mean to you

The other day when I was talking to one friend, I did mentioned about my worries on who is going take care of my body when I am dead? How?? Since my family is way too distance from me. Its not that I am not good with them, I just got so carried away with my career and totally don't know how to pick up from where I left. I am totally feel embarassed on my attitude towards maintain good relationship with them. As much as my PR skill is 'sucks' towards people around me same goes towards my 'so called' family too! I am that bad ha??? Yeah! I don't deny! I am concern about my feeling too much until I am afraid to show my affection towards others. I just afraid to get hurt and to get turn down.I don't like disappointment. This is also affected my personal relationship as well. I am too afraid for rejection or disagreement. or maybe feel unhappy with me or anything that make people judge me. I wish to have close knit family like other people. Sisters or broth

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