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Work that body

This week everytime came back from Gym , I will watch Japanese series title Bambino. Lead actor is Matsumoto Jun the one played that Hana Yori Dango. Story about a passionate Chef. Its all about pasta and pasta. When I watch they cook pasta look so delicious and feel like having one on my table. mmmm since tomorrow is a holiday so maybe i should experiment some pasta. Ehehehehe ... look like somebody gonna burn the kitchen again!!!! These 2 weeks was working hard with my body. I will work out for almost 40 minutes. Last night was the most suffering part. Doing cardio work out with my personal trainer. OMG! hurt every part of my body. Hope this work to kill off that flabbies around my waist. Dreaming about having a nice body is a beautiful dream. But to make it happen... OMG!!!! I feel like dying....with all the diets... drive me crazy!!!! Tomorrow I saw Cheras Gym Schedule , they have inline dancing at 10am. Thought of driving there and have some work out and sauna then back home to co

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