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Luoyang is another interesting city to visit while in Xi'an. Luoyang served as cradle of the Chinese civilisation as it was the capital city of 13 ancient dynasties from Xia Dynasty.When talk about Luoyang people will relate it with Longman Grottoes and Shaolin Temple. So many will just take a day trip from Xi'an. I decided to explore this city for 3D/2N and I find it has more than I can imagine. Xi'an - Luoyang - Xi'an 3D/2N itinerary * Old Town District , Laocheng * Longman Grottoes * Emperor Carriage Museum * Sui and Tang Botanic Garden I took 1 hour high speed trains from Xi'an North to Luoyang Longman Railway Station. I pass through Mt Huashan which I really wanted to climb but unable to do so. WTH! sad! I reached Luoyang around mid afternoon. After check in to my hotel then I head down to reception asking them the best way to Laocheng or Luoyang Old Town District. Since no subway here , the best transportation is taxi ride. I took


THINGS TO DO AT MUSLIM QUARTER, XI'AN , CHINA 1. Old Drum Tower 2. Eat at Muslim Quarter 3. Grand Mosque 4. Eat at Muslim Quarter 5. Watch Puppet show and have an evening stroll at Gao Family Mansion 6. Eat again at Muslim Quarter Ngeeeee... the major highlight here is eat and eat and eat.WTH! You can't visit to Muslim Quarter in Xi'an, China with mind on strict diet. You will not make it through at all. What you about to see in this post.....I will not be blame for making you drools in front of your PC or saliva dropping on your smartphone screen. hahahaha... Tips For non speaker who visit to Muslim Quarter all you need to know here... are this 2 words. Yang Rou - Lamb meat Niu Rou - Beef For Muslim...other than that words don't eat. hahahaha Muslim Quarter, located in the Northwest of the ancient City Wall of Xi'an is totally not to be missed if you visit to Xi'an. In fact, you will get hook by this place and will go there again and

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