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Sunday Afternoon@Levain

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ No. 7, Jalan Delima Kuala Lumpur I am Dom... Bran Dom.. Match Box salad Freakonomic??? Jamie?? Jamie getting smaller and smaller or am I getting bigger and bigger??? Shawl from Jamie all the way from Cambodia.... I like the casing Peace Dom Peace no more fight I told you no more fighting... here come my scorpion bite... aishhhhh.. Watch it baby!!!! talk to my hand.... Oh Tuhan!!!! berikan la aku cahaya yang terang... ooppppsss masa depan yang cerah, i mean.. Dry Curry Pasta ahahahahaha.... book again??? ahahahaha book again... Thank you Dom & Jamie... beautiful and thoughtful gift.. i love it Finally .... come to mama come to mama Feminine side of me... ayu tak??? French twist???? or one twisted lady??? Jamie is drowning by the size of both of her friends... I like this shot very much Busy with their gadget.... ready to shoot.... Talent yang sesat over acting expression... cut!!!! you suppose to make that bread look yummy dom... not creepy!!

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