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Mid age crisis

My mood swing seems to be worst since new year started. I tried my best to keep myself cool possible but still struggling to maintain my calmness. I realise on the hormone change since I am at mid age crisis. Yeah! sign is everywhere.... 1. Notice crow feet at side of my eyes when I smile 2. Wrinkles everywhere 3. Small kid call you auntie instead of che che 4. People no longer call you leng lui but Moy Moy 5. metabolism rate getting lower and lower and no matter you control your diet and exercise until twisted leg.... you dont even loose 100gm or loose 1/4 inches from your waist. 6. Whole body pain just for small thing lifting Anyway, here goes photos for previous week CNY holiday. My 1st Feb 2011 Toast for breakfast at SS2 My Cham... I try my luck on 1st Feb 2011... obviously ...not lucky enough.. otherwise I will be enjoying blogging from my penthouse in London Loh Mee for Lunch Beautiful garden @ Uncle house More beautiful flowers Orchids with background of Rice Fields inher

Krabi- 4th Day Island Hoping

Shadow of nature 1 shadow of Nature 2 I love this scene and make me wanna....... pose AIGOOOOOOO!!!!! KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!! ehehehehehe Remind me of Thunder thunder tunder catttttttttt!!!! I am thirsty... Happily dancing my day by the beach another rock island? Clear jade green seawater.... beautiful... I was happily feeding the fish and dancing with them...happy happy happy me This is beautiful Hong lagoon

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