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Yesterday morning wake up....well to be exact I always awake since the night before. Suffering diarrhea....everything was fine when morning came...but I am so tired already. for sick leave. I think I can fall asleep while driving to work. I only manage to go out around alone like this le....only be able out of house when feel fit to drive...haisshhhh.. I went out to Doc for MC. Need one since I decided to rest at home. Yup! me and resting at home high ambition for lady like. Like I can back home to sleep or rest. Not that kind le... End up drove myself 1:00pm I reached AMPCORP Mall...gosh!!! what the hell am I doing here??? I really have no idea. Must be my back to memory lane case...end up me driving here...if I said I don't realize I drove there...people will said I bluff one!!! But seriously, I only realize what is going on only when I reach the car park..eheh?  Clueless...don't know

Fast Five

My weekend is coming to the end. Oooopppsss! not just mine but for all of us. Wake up early again just now! Trying my best to get ticket to watch that 'Fast Five' . aissshh! what a let down. I can't get any good seat. I should have thought to book online in advance. So called tech savy of me! Forgotten to make use of this in this situation. End up shopping for more books at Book Xcess . Another nervous breakdowm coming ahead of me. More to come attack from every corner and dealing with all this so call 'human' but worst than 'satan' heart. Every technique I have read in the book or even from my google research , I had applied to handle the situation I am facing in this company. My conclusion is final, it is hopeless. The mind game is way too heavy for me. Whoa! Ah! how I wish I could calm myself down. Busy week ahead. The Master is coming back anytime tomorrow. I am getting myself ready for my interview on Thursday and then Friday I am flying off for 4 day

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