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Jennifer Hudson from plus size to 0 size

It is fasting month, I don't eat during day time and can only it 7.30pm onwards until 5.45am. I totally lost my appetite. I can't take any solid food or it goes down to the toilet bowl. So I decided to just drink and eat dates or some fruits. Oooppsss! plus oat! Although this couldn't help much but this is better than not eating or eat and throw up! Oh ya! talking about that. I found this Jennifer Hudson one of the Americal Idol and she is one of 'Dreamgirls' star. She manage to achieve from plus size to '0' size. Look at her body before and after! She is one persistent and hardworking lady. Don't you think she look fabulous? Harley Pasternak help her to look this fabulous using five-factor fitness. Five minute segments in life. 5 minutes -cardio warm up  (don't need treadmill, just jogging,marching,boxing,opposite knee to opposite elbow) 5 minutes -work on upper bo

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