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Vegetarian Princess

I was so excited to start my weekend last night. Nothing special! It just a feeling , I dont have to go to work... kakakaka Yeah! lazy Ass again! Wake up Saturday morning with a good feeling to do whatever I like the most! Cleaning up my nest! Washing my clothes! Decided to cancel my dentist appointment. I was so scared suddenly! Ahahahaha... yeah! feel like want to chicken out. When I was driving out to pack my lunch just now, I was thinking of going vegetarian for one month. Can I dicipline myself? I have not eaten any slaughtered meat for almost 4 months now. mmmmm..... meaning I can do it???? mmmm... not so easy just to eat vege & fruits. I know it is good for body. 1st I hate vege since 2008 and I go bloated like a balloon now. 2nd its so green and plain 3rd ah!!!! I just dont feel like munching too much. Well the thought is not about going on diet or something but I just suddenly feel want a bit of challenge to my dicsipline. I will start my challenge this Monday! He goes my

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