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7 hours

As usual, i have been thinking a lot. Wake up at 6.30am. Received an email from far away offer me a job. I feel flattered but at the same time feel scared. Can I do it? This is too high position for me. That what came into my mind when after reading the mail. I sat there in front of my computer , lean my back to my ikea chair with my both hand lay to the rest on my keyboard softtoy and staring blank at my google homepage monitor. What should I do ? What should I do? Why this man came to me now? After all these years? How did he know I am looking for a job? Can I take another bigger challenge? What is my sacrifice? What is my strategy? I am meeting him after my trip. He is coming down to Malaysia and will be staying until mid next year. Thinking about it again actually there is nothing i need to think until i meet him, right???? Why I always think too much? Last time I always amaze when other people got offer from somebody and also know somebody from far. That was when I was early 20s.

Counting Days

My Office World will end soon... 15 years working hard - my blood , my sweat, my tears and surviving with monthly salary and accept whatever people gave me without demanding more and more. I finally counting days to put everything an end and now still working hard but my end pay will depends on how strong am I mentally to make this business work at least for another 5 years. Never expect easier life and I know my life will be more difficult after this. I need to train myself to be stronger mentally and physically. Anyway, for time being I am counting days for my final trip this year 2010. I want to start year 2011 with - * Open mind * Open heart * Open ears Eat Play Love............. ahahaha finally flying with MAS again after 10 years ago....I am aiming for business class next time ahahaha soooo ambitious... but not impossible to achieve because I have another at least 9 months to work towards it! Sailormooooooonnnnn Rina fighting!!!!

My 2010 closing

Year of Tiger is ending soon.... countdown around two weeks plus. This year full of adventurous and accomplishment!!!!! I will close 2010 with another shocking and adventurous trip!!!! Bali! for next week??? ah! I think I should go for week of Christmas! April - Shanghai Sep - Krabi Nov - Cameron Dec - Bali???? mmmm is this happening to me? Yeah! why not .... and work harder for 3 quarter next year and hope to cover more of China end of quarter next year? Ah! I definately book now! cheap hotel no problem and I will spend my time outdoor most of the time and be strong to open up my eyes to another place while I am still strong and while my bunion dont grow so big until that I can still walk happily and travel to places I want to go. Just wait for another adventure!!!! We will see whether this will become reality??? too early to plan but not too late to book kekekekeke kuta nusa legian seminyak wo lai ler..... My bright bright smile for hopeful new year! 3 men 4 girls??? who is t

Head Drilling Session@ Cyberview

Here goes my Saturday... Not a lift up hips but a lift up headddd... A day at Cyberviewlodge Resort. I love and thankful for this opportunity to tour around this beautiful place. However, spend a day stuck in the room listen to so called successful people talk... yeah I pick up what I feel right for me! But hell not all. Anything relevant the rest is just a boast for me!!! I am bit stubborn here... Idea to eliminate family and friends are too much though! I may want to be selfish to get to the top but my heart is not that cold ! I love the earlier part of the talk and show on RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki! Learn a lot and I am definate want to practic the formula.... I dont want to be rich but I just want to have enough money to do what I always want to do... Back home I am tired. I want to dozz off now and wake up early and work on my unfinished business (my apple assigment) hope can come out with my 1st draft tomorrow. OK ! I will determine to finish it tomorrow. Lock myself a

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