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Overdosed of my Busan and Jeju trip post? Today is 1st December 2014 and I will start my December with product review. My passion for traveling expose me with sunny rays. I neglected sun protection until lately have a bit of time to focus and concern about beauty care. So busy earnings to survive! Why is it so important to apply sunscreen? * Our ozone layer is corrupting by earthling and our body needs shielding from harmful rays * Protect from skin cancer due to over exposed to that harmful rays * Prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations * It helps to reduce appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness. * Helps to slow down wrinkle and premature aging skin. By the time I realize the important of applying sunblock..... WTH! Too late!!! All those dark spot and pigmentation started to pop out. isk isk isk... Anyway I apply it anyway...but to find the good one is not an easy task. I am very fussy because I have sticky,creamy,greasy and oily item

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