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Self Kuta Legian Touring Part 2

Here are my part 2.. supposely part one as usual I am trying to be perfect but it always turn out to be a blunder kekeke... Anyway here are my day start on 23rd Dec 2010 before surrender my skin to be under the hot sun onf bali. View from my private balcony.... yeah! place that I stay are sort of resort in a middle of the city of kuta... surrounding by small bungalows occupied by Aussie or British people who celebrate their christmas here in bali.... interesting view with lots of fully decorated Xmas trees all around ... Me on my balcony... My opposite neighbour Nice and calming view from top .... Temple is everywhere here in bali... almost every single corner with temple.... consider holy place and the spirit here are strong too due to their devoted worshipper Have you ever read that story call ugly duckling..... this is bali version call ugly dog... hahaha Shooting in bali... I am in front of guardian bought plaster for my ankle... accidently shave my skin instead of hair.... ma

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