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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Recently, I was in Hong Kong for 6 nights for my Bunion foot micro current treatment with Dr Milly Ng. Why Hong Kong? Only Dr Milly has the expertise to treat bunion without surgery. She use microcurrent to press on acupoint and wake up all those sleeping nerves from long sleep.The potrute bone on the big toe will take time to move back to place.I need to work harder.But at least now my big toe can straighten a bit. Well...this is not magic! But I can say I gone through hell of pain and until now still working out my feet to the nearest normal people feet. She also taught me how to walk correctly and physio exercise for maintenance. The suggested treatment is 10 times within at least 10 days which I my tight budget squeeze to twice treatment in 5 days. Seriously....the photo of the bruises below just at second day....the thick blue black on my calf really only heal after one week after the treatment. Yes! I still can walk like normal and can run and jump like others af

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