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My crazy weekend

Yeah! I love to do crazy act just to entertain myself... Here captions during one of my crazy weekend :)  Lady like side of me ehehehe...  Oh! I am so Princess...kekeke  Whaakkkkkkk....kakakaka  Exercise your chin to make it look sharper  I am Hercules Woman!  Meditate for more power  Too much power end up turn into mermaid ahahaha  I believe I can fly!!!!!!!  I could stand with one leg too...  flying is totally my style  I enjoy food with passion.... Lastly world peace and happy weekend!!!! ahahaha

Land of Strawberry

For all of you who cannot resist with temptation please dont read further....... kekekekeke... Strawberry delicious so yummy.....I am full with satisfaction ooo lalalalala.... So not cool with lots of calarioes swallow into my body.....repent repent Drooling drooling.... with my weekend feast at Cameron Highland. Honey Strawberry Crepe So beautiful and yummy!!! Strawberry Strudle...and you can't resist Strawberry Chocolate.... lovely... Land of goodies and cakes like in the fairy tale.. Strawberry or pumpkin? grown beautifully Strawberry flowers a moment to remember Siamese triplet strawberry Rock Melon? Sea coconut on top of the highland? which part of this place with sea??? Lord of the rings jungle... this is my best shot!!!! ehehehe proud of myself enjoy more flowerssss below... and I just remember...ooooppppsss forgot to upload my most desirable sconessssssss and Masala tea I am so passionate... waiting for this bee sucking honey from flower... beautifu

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