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Restless week

What is life without activities? Hectic working schedules for me. I believe most of us feel the same too in our own way. I always motivate myself by thinking I am not the only one in difficulties. Whenever , I feel it is difficult to move forward, I convince myself many others at the same time at different place with different situation are facing worst than me. Yeah! positive thinking and power of convincing and hypnotise yourself kekekeke... Every challenge in work, make me improve more skills in prioritise work, multi tasking, changing hats every minutes, handle human, more alert,more analytical, learn and many more to gain from different situations. I dont want to say I like it anymore..... obviously to face this everyday really affected my health but hey,... this is life.. face it and move on with head up. Eventhough deep cut in heart. We are born with our own certain fate planned ahead without we knowing what it is. Hate to repeat this, I kind of believe what my x boss said to me

Life is like playing monopoly

This story I read is really meaningful and touch my heart and something to remember by all of us. When we play monopoly, we can own anything we desire to won. At the end everything we bought, everything we accumulated - at the end of the game , it all goes back in the box. Isn't that the way it is with our life? No matter how much you push and shove for money, recognition, power, prestige and possessions.... when life is over, everything goes back in the box , including yourself. The only thing we get to keep is our soul. That's where we store who we loved and who loved us....

Untold Story

Yesterday, went for another farewell dinner again. Wow! 4 months and a half in this company I experience at least 7 farewells. Funniest part when the rumors circulating around office that all staff left because of me. Wahahahahaha.... (wicked laugh) I am one powerful women in this office, huh! When the news reached to my ears I just laugh about it.... God Bless them!!!! People who know me understand the truth. The news created by one person who feel threaten with my presence in this company. I dont give a damn! I am counting down for my departure and just can't wait to get out! Yesterday, meeting with the headhunter for few position (high level) but the feedback I received was disappointment. Even the headhunter withdraw from our company. Their comment is they want to maintain their good reputation in the market. Damage have been done so it is hard for me to amend this on behalf of the company. I just can continue search for any other headhunter whom never work with us and start fr

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