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Another 2 Weeks

This ramadhan feel very fast... I guess I am getting matured...eheh...don't want to use that word 'old'. I don't feel that bad for not drinking a single drop of water the whole day. I don't feel hungry at all...... So far back from work head straight to my fridge to take out whatever in the fridge and strat thinking on what to cook. Yesterday, I cook kimchi soup with soy bean curd and lots of vege throw in... Half way eating feeling so good ar? You think I can lose weight like this ar? mmmmm... I guess my body give up to lose weight. I don't eat much and don't drink that much of water too....but my weight has been very stagnant...WTH!!!! ooooppssss....'puasa'. Another 2 weeks.... 'raya time'. Received this morning from Chingu at 12:21pm.... Chingu : Good morning! you wake up ledi ar???? Me : Of courseeeeeeeee!!!! Chingu : Wanna watch movie??? Me : Of courseeeeeee!!!! Chingu : What movie ar??? haiiisssh

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