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6 Awesome Christmas Tree Ideas For The Year 2020

By now most of us in this world are living with the new norm with some restrictions here and there imposed by respective rulings government to flatten the global pandemic hit us world wide. How is  Covid-19 going to affect Christmas in the year 2020?  It's hard to predict how will Christmas be like during Covid-19 year. Will some of us in this world be in the lockdown during Christmas day? Are there any specific Covid Rules for Christmas season? Can some of us meet other household and even see their own family during Christmas? Since the normal life shuts down around us, we need a balm to the soul. Life must go on. Festive need to be celebrated even if it's in small scale to cheer us up! That is why setting up a Christmas tree in the year 2020 could be more important than ever. 1. The Wallet- Friendly Christmas Tree Some of us has lost employment during this coronavirus situation. This means loss of income and living out of retirement savings. This doesn't mean no Christmas

Win a FREE CAR at Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang KLIA

What is your plan for this Christmas Celebration? If you don't have any, why don't bring your family down to Mitsui Outlet Park at Sepang KLIA. Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang (MOP KLIA), is a Japan's branded factory outlet shopping mall with lots of foreign and local brand to cater to all shoppers out there. Recently, new stores have come under the roof - Burger King, Kenny Rogers, Gong Cha, fashion outlets such as Calvin Klein Jeans, Nautica, Kipling as well as several other lifestyle stores - Victorinox, Samsonite and Tefal. Exciting activities at MOP KLIA This year Christmas, MOP KLIA has decked the mall with artic themed decorations and new unique attractions to get visitors excited for the holiday season. YES! Its a "Happy Polar Christmas" this year at MOP KLIA. Visitors will enjoy some unique attractions such as Snow Playland and Infinity Mirror LightRoom.  Snow Playland - is designed to offer winter experience with lots of

My 2010 closing

Year of Tiger is ending soon.... countdown around two weeks plus. This year full of adventurous and accomplishment!!!!! I will close 2010 with another shocking and adventurous trip!!!! Bali! for next week??? ah! I think I should go for week of Christmas! April - Shanghai Sep - Krabi Nov - Cameron Dec - Bali???? mmmm is this happening to me? Yeah! why not .... and work harder for 3 quarter next year and hope to cover more of China end of quarter next year? Ah! I definately book now! cheap hotel no problem and I will spend my time outdoor most of the time and be strong to open up my eyes to another place while I am still strong and while my bunion dont grow so big until that I can still walk happily and travel to places I want to go. Just wait for another adventure!!!! We will see whether this will become reality??? too early to plan but not too late to book kekekekeke kuta nusa legian seminyak wo lai ler..... My bright bright smile for hopeful new year! 3 men 4 girls??? who is t

I give up Hyun Joong

Due to some urgency , I have to stay out until almost 1am in the morning. I reached home almost 1.44am and end up with severe headache! I am not able to wake up from my bed and only able to force myself at almost 1.00pm. Doc verdict.... I am suffering with very low blood pressure. It drop to almost 90/120 and it cause me headache and doc request me to rest well and avoid higher ground. Re think about what had happened last night... its like a dream and almost end up....I have nothing to comment and speechless with the response that I received.... and the treatment that I got... no matter in what situation... appreciate is not only word to utter because it is just meaningless but action is most important... Adult is adult and they have to be responsible in whatever path they choose.... its applies to everyone with no exemption... no such thing as you are not at right mind.... word is word .... done is done.... with not regret... just face it and move on.... jia yor jia yor! I w

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