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I love to read fairy tales...most fairy tales I read end with...and they live happily ever after. When my friend announce she found her love and on the way to wedding thinking was like...and they live happily ever after. When my friend said her bf is getting back together with her after long ugly break thinking was....and they live happily ever after. Too naive... imagine that there will only be happiness ahead. Sadly... In reality, that happily ever after ending is just a mere single moment in a never ending story. I need to live out the remaining part of that story....and this is life story! I am not living in fairy tales but as reality's life main character. I am the lead actress in my own life story. The life story that I don't even know what moment may be waiting for me.... " Thinking Mode"

Reason for not exercise

During fasting month , I want to loose weight but I am lazy to exercise... Here are my reason : Before sunrise - I wake up at 4am every morning just to eat . I have not enough time in the morning because after eating need to get ready to beat the traffic jam to reach office on time. I need to starve myself until the sunset. In between this time I can't exercise because I have not enough energy and can't drink too. After sunset - by the time I eat 7:30pm. I need at least 1 1/2 hours to enjoy my meal after whole day starving. By the tme I finish eating is 9:00pm. Health expert said we can only exercise at least 2 hours after meal. After 2 hours will be 11:00pm and here goes my bed time. I need to sleep before 12:00 midnight : * I am a Princess and to be exact Princess Cindyrina (close to Cinderella right??? hahaha) Princess need to sleep before clock stike 12:00 or she loose all her beauty...kekekeke * Health expert said during this hours all cell renewal process

Learning to let go

I was sleeping like a baby last night. So happy finally I experience the feeling of having a good night sleep. Too tired. I think I went off almost 12 midnight. Yeah! Cinderella style. My reading session last night is really meaningful. I learn many things from the book I bought. Many of us have thought what we have read from the book, it just we never written it down like those authors who are earning the cash out of what they wrote. We read it. So what? Do we really dare to apply in real life. Reading from the book is just theory but the most important is to dare yourself to practice what you have read. It is experience from other by accident and they are now telling it as a story. Here are something I pick up from the book that interest me a lot. " Where you are in your present situation is not nearly important as where you are going in your life." " All successful living is about direction, and as long as you consistently move in the direction of your dreams, you are

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