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Will I be remembered

Once I heard this from a friend around 7 years ago... Friend : Na! (she call me Na short form from Rina) I feel I am getting old. Me : Why? You are just 26 years old! Friend : I remember last year when I read newspaper I will start with Metro section page and then National then sports. But lately I started with Obituary. I hope not to see anybody I knew here. I don't response to her at all but just stare at her with my blank face. That time , all this doesn't make any sense to me. But today, I can feel it! I was reading the newspaper and then obituary section. Looking for the dead. The announcement from the love ones. I also hope I will never come across anybody I know in this section. Maybe my time will come soon....God want remind me to be a good lady and I am on the way to see him soon...... You never know. Maybe later? tomorrow ?or maybe next week? or next month? or next year? It can happen anytime he like to call me. One post really touch to my heart and soul. It is on Dan

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