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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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If I were a boy

Who to blame if I am not enough time to do my assignment! Nobody! just myself... Although, I realise this but yet I still living in my own world in 'Boy Before Flower' world. I just want to be closed to the character that I hate most. Gu Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho. The character just give me the goose bump. The character is like love and hate collide. How I wish I just in my dream and never wake up. If I were to be one of the character, I want to be Gu Jun Pyo character. Yes! not to be one of the love interest but I want to be him! Ah! how i wish my life like him. Arrogant! yet so fragile and soft too.... Like Beyonce latest song .. If I were a boy... Yes! if I were I boy I want to be the bad boy! I want to be the rebellious boy.. I want to be somebody who dare to do anything freely... Not about courting a girl or what... just want to be somebody that other will admire because of my daring and courage..mmmm ... if I were a boy!!! But I am just a girl.. How could I make ppl un

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