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New Year Resolution

Happy New Year to all human kind and other species on earth!!! I started my new year with bad health condition. My blood pressure drop again and was headache and vomitting again. Although I am very tight up with my preparation to my next year life, I still manage to spend time with my old buddies of 15 years at De Palma. 4 remain single and 2 married with on kid. Everybody success in their own way and I am very proud of them. When you talk about new year many will say, lets start a new book. or let us make list of resolution to achieve. I am one of them previously. I made a long list and not many in the list is achieveable . Hahahaha it was easy to list down but not so easy to make a move to achieve them one by one. I can say first step and determination is important to make it happen. OK this year I will not do anymore resolution. I will live my life as it is and goes with the time. No more list. No more empty promises to myself. I want to see what is the different to live the life wi

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