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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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I can see the light

Today, I woke up with positive mood. Last night I was studying the products by hard. Trying my best to perfect my sales pitch! I have been practicing in front of the mirror with hope I could control my expression well. My advertorial seems to be getting good response. I had received many inquiries via email, phone call, and sms. Tomorrow another busy day I manage to get 3 potential to listen to my presentation face to face.The rest due very far distance just need to settle via email and phone calls. Cross my finger hopefully, I get 1 BO from Brunei sign up under me. My plan is to get at least 2 BOs sign up under me in a month. Hopefully , my dream to open the retail shop comes true by end of this year. I need to tripple my effort to achieve this. Tonight I need to finish up my LD individual assignment. I guess need to burn the midnight oil.. or maybe not sleeping to finish this thing! Although I feel very tired and exhausted but I have to do this to make sure my life better in future.

3 days to go

I am so freak out right now! 3 days to go.. I am still in that usual day and night dreaming mood. Everything seems to be not registered to my head! Aishhhh!!! I am so angry with myself. HR here HR there but I seems to .. DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO??? And another week to go I have this CS coming up and Toyota Strategy to analyse! Oucchhh!!! I need to pinch myself hard and wake up from my dreaming mood. Vow myself not to update my blog in another week!!!! I will stay focus and study smart!!! GOD BLESS ME!!!

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