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Research week

Monday started with a wet day. Raining in the morning. I will be busy spending my weekdays with my research on Company Financial and Tax Planning. Feeling like doing MBA studies again.... sigh! More boring subject to me. Hedging oh hedging! Have to study market and see numbers and numbers again..... awwwww!!!! So not cool this week. Yeah! I am so damn lazy to study again and my mind just feel like want to play and play only. Thank God! My Min Ho Drama is airing again this week. Damn! I am in love with him once again..... tall and cool and of course rich with drug money. 3 more days to Saturday.... I can't wait! 2 more months to go for my next adventure... I just can't wait for that too.... Great Wall I will conquer youuuuuuu soooonnnnn!!!!!

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