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Where To Stay and Eat In Jakarta

Early this year, I have an opportunity to visit Jakarta and work there for a few days. The first trip, I went with my Boss and the latest one which is early July I went for a solo working trip. It was a great experience for me especially for the culture and the variety of food that I tried out when I was there. Where I stay in Jakarta? The place I stayed is about 10 minutes walking distance to our office in Jakarta.  Century Park Hotel Address : Jl, Pintu Senayan , No. 1 RT1/RW 3 , Gelora , Kecamatan Tanah Abang , Kota Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta. Telephone : +62 21 57102041 The room is spacious and the location is so convenient except for the traffic jam. But ...which place in Jakarta is not jam?  Since I was there for a working trip and my office is just walking a distance so traffic jam is not a problem for me at all. One minus point of this hotel is whenever there is a soccer match then this place will be super crowded with the human.

Gray Lord

Dark Lord or White Lord and I end up giving up myself to the Gray Lord instead.Neutral is the best if you are not daring enough to face the outcome. What is my next plan? No plan. As mentioned earlier my new year 2011 is to live as it is and let my destiny take me. I just want to wait for what is next and play along with my destiny. I come to the point of no point working too hard. I hope I could do this and just work for the sake of working and at same time enjoy for happier life. Again, work and work until 3rd Quarter . Then I will spend my time play and play on the 4th Quarter. At least , I can still travel out and open up my eyes to other world before I leave this world. Let me play along with my destiny this year.... Since most of us believe everything is written up there... then let me see what God store for me this year. I have faith in you and I believe everything happens with a reason behind. Good or Bad I have no choice to accept it as it is!

Is there any hope left for me?

Today.. is most challenging day! Fasting can't drink, I don't bother too much about cannot eat at all. But can't drink? Today my 5th recruitment day. I have been seeing almost 4 candidates and talk and talk. I find a lil bit difficult can't drink even a drop of water but yet need to talk a lot. Most candidates are 2/10... where are all the good one??? Then here goes one bad news coming and disturb my emotion. Ah! here goes my hope... I feel very very down right after. Its my only hope! Why God just don't want to give me the chance? Am I that bad?? I feel giving up... but being me by nature, I will fight to the end although I will hurt. I will continue feeling down tonight and hope can be positive back again like I always did. Cindyrina way of living her life!!! Gambatei!!!! Gambatei, Cindyrina!!! I went to Tropicana City Mall to buy my food. Nothing much I can eat there.. End up buying waffles and spring roll for my break! Nice??? mmmm 2 star out of 10 hahahah since

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