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Still in CNY mood

Dragging myself to work this morning... it is wet wet morning. Thank God! no flood here. Deep sympathy to our people in Southern region. Disaster is every where around the world. Worst flood and Storm in Australia. Volcanoes erruption in Bali and Japan.... and don't know what happen in Egypt but it sound horrible...We need to pray more to God for peaceful and for Blessing. Last weekend, I was wondering around ...well not really wondering around but try to do some shopping but never happen. Anyway, I enjoyed the CNY atmosphere :) Tomorrow is holiday then back to work and then back to another holiday and start working again only next week. Yeayyy!!! I am looking forward for a long holiday. I thought of driving for 4 hours to North on 3rd Feb 2011. This still depends on my mood. Here are my weekend foodies...:) Oh! by the way... I am now officially Fisheggietarian ( my terms since I have not been eating Chicken and any meat that need to be slaughtered). currently my diet only vege

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