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Study is the hardest thing

Today since morning when I reached office and thing about the workload waiting for me and the needs to change hats many time make me feel sick! Angry! Furious! My anger level up to my almost maximum limit.. I feel like want to kill myself immediately to end the story! But when I think about how messy is my house (I cleaned last week but the messiness come back again hehehe) I love to throw thing so what you want me to do.. mmm at least if i die the house is in order so when other come to the house will have a good thoughts about me. From morning to the evening , I just like wanna cry (almost cry though) and feel angry angry angry... Then reached home went for mini gym for a threadmill walk for 30 minutes. At least my anger reduce and manage to calm myself down. Drink horlicks for dinner! Then here goes my study! I am about to open my leadership text book here come my Goo Jun Pyo to my mind. So end up watching Boys Before Flower again! Aishhhh! thought of watching 2 episode but end up w

Its another Monday

Since last night I went to bed early.. This morning I wake up with fresh mind.. stay positive Rina.. Exam this Saturday... huhuhuuuuu.. I don't have a clue what to expect! I listed down all the questions possible for each chapters then try my best to do some research and answer the questions.. Hopefully this method work! Later need to attend this routines Monday morning meeting! Lazy!!!!! but no choice.. I am trying my best to stay strong and try to eliminate any negative vibes around me... Hope this week a good one!!!!

Apple Inc - Part 3

Yeayyyyy!!! done my Apple Case analysis finally.... Submitted to Turnitin and hopefully got at least 70% green result then can go ahead submit to Uni on either Friday & Saturday. Then my burden lighten and I can concentrate on my 18th & 25th exams. I had sat down in front of this laptop for almost 10 hours without a single food to my stomach just because I feel so fire up to finish up this assignment. The moment I stop and gone for dinner, my body feel so so hurt. I am going to organise all these papers lying around me and go to sleep. I am sure God will always with me and will help me to go through this stage with all courage and strength.

Exam panic attack

Since I was kid , then teenager then young adult , one thing always freak me out! EXAM!!!! Coming exam 18th and 25th April 2009, really freak me out! I just don't know where to start. If I am still kid, I still can cry to my Dad and Mum. But now ... I just can't believe it... I am now old adult and still have that 'butterflies thingy' in my stomache. I can't go to my Mum or Dad, they don't care about me anymore. Nobody care about me... Only me now... how??? I just panic until my brain go dead. Seriously , until I received my lecturer email on coming Saturday briefing for Managerial Finance exam for 18th April 2009... I still freaking stone in my own dreamland. Damn!!! How should I start this? Actually I did started last week after I photostate MF book from my coursemate then .. when I was reading it, along the way I realise I did terribily in my individual assignment. OMG! sounds like that song ' If I can turn back time' I just feel de motivated. I feel

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